Snail-Mail Pays When Writing Big

Spring is here: baseball is back, my capris will be emerging from their long winter rest soon, love is in the air, and I’m writing letters.  Why, you might ask, would I write letters when the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming?  Thanks to , I have recently found access to thousands upon thousands of celebrity adresses, including those of athletes, actors, actresses, authors, singers, and directors.

Back in February, I wrote three letters to John Hamm, Jeff Bridges, and Pete Doctor.  The first two men I wrote to simply because I like them and thought it would be cool to write them about my admiration of their recent work.  Currently, I am still waiting for their replies.  As for Mr. Doctor, however, I wrote asking for his advice on how to best enter the animation business, and what his experiences have taught him.  Amazingly, just a few weeks later, I received this in the mail!

Being home alone at the time, I sat down, opened the letter, but had a bit of a rough go at it as my hands were shaking uncontrollably and I was laughing with excitement.  Once I did get it open though, I found inside a personal, handwritten letter complete with sketches from none other than Peter Hans Doctor himself!



Without question, it was the coolest thing I had ever received by mail.  I skipped and danced around the house (as I was still alone), laughing and shouting with excitement.  It completely made up for  what I remember was an otherwise cruddy week.

What I think is important in this, however, is what we can take away from it.  Writing a hand-written letter has a much higher chance of receiving a response than an email would.  That is why now I am continuing my old-fashioned snail-mail letters, asking for advice from the guys at the top.

I think this also says a lot about Doctor himself too.  Most likely he forgot writing this two days after it was sent, but for me, I will never forget it.  He’s a busy guy, having directed the Pixar movies Up and Monsters Inc. and worked on nearly every Pixar film since the beginning, so for him to take the time to give me a little of what he knows is amazing.

The front of my now-framed letter from Doctor.

The front of my now-framed letter from Doctor.

And also the opposite side.

And also the opposite side.

  1. That is so cool! I love the little drawings!!

  2. So proud. And happy. Makes me smile. Everything about it makes me smile.

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